What you know, and what everyone else knows.

30 January 2023
By – Mike Sweeting

As the saying goes, ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’… Well, it should be ‘what you know, and what everyone else knows’. Well, ‘you’ likely have a very specific job, and are great at it! And you have probably spent many years refining a unique skill set. But, don’t forget, you’re not the only one!

Marketing at its core is all about gaining a competitive advantage over all others, and it may be very tempting to go it alone and fully utilise that skill set you have developed. Now, that may work… You may launch that new campaign or run that digital advertising strategy, but who are we kidding, these big projects are high risk and will put everyone but the experts out of their comfort zones.

It’s important to remember; it’s okay to ask for help! Because you strive to be the very best, you need help from the very best. The best in their own fields. Like you, these people have spent years refining their unique skill set. By working together, you can bring the best of ‘what you know, and what everyone else knows’.

How do you do that? The key to all of this is to know who your friends are. By building a network of collaborators and partners, you can pick and choose when and where you need professional advice and help. That means that when the next big marketing campaign is needed you know where to go for the strategy and design, the lifestyle photography, the digital assets, or even the project management.

Below is my take on how to build that network of collaborators and partners:

What everyone else knows. Our clients’ success is routed in trusting their brand and marketing strategy with the expertise of a creative agency. We are an agency full of highly specialised people, we have designers, brand strategists, illustrators, art workers, photographers, 3D artists, & videographers. We understand the importance of bringing a diverse bunch of creative people together, all under one roof. From our studio team to our close group of friends and freelancers, everyone we work with has a very different skill set and because of that we know which projects suit which people. 

Shared approach. Whilst you want to align yourself with partners who have a different skill set to you, it is still very important that they share your personal and brands ethos. Ethos alignment can come from communication. Make sure you share the hopes and dreams for your project. 

Network. Go to events, meet people. Ask friends if they know anyone who can help. But, remember to give back. Offer connections you know, up to others. People you’ve helped are much more likely to think of you and offer to introduce people to you.

Get to know them. Do your research, check out their portfolio and social platforms. Have a read through reviews and testimonials, you could even ask others about their experiences with them. You are looking to find out if they will be a good fit. Do they have experience working on similar projects, do they take pride in their work and does their style reflect your brand?

Get everyone involved early. I can’t emphasise enough, the importance of creating a shared vision for the project. If you and your collaborators are all aligned, you will have a better consistency of message and a better investment from all.

Chat with us for advice. We can offer a wide range of design, branding, marketing and visual communication services. But we can also help build your network and connect you with our wide net of collaborators. And if we don’t know someone that’s a great fit, we know someone who does.

If you want to find out more about how we can work with you to inspire your brand’s audience and achieve real change — say hi!

We’re a team of creatives who believe that our individual abilities and perspectives are amplified when we come together to create change for our clients.

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