The five ways great brand design sparks growth.

8 July 2024
By – Mike Sweeting

Brand sparks business growth.

Welcome to the first part of our ‘How brands spark business growth’ series. Throughout these four blogs, I want to discuss with you how brand design can be harnessed to spark your business’ growth. 

But, before we delve into this, let’s take a step back and consider; what is growth?

The word ‘growth’ is used in a vast number of situations. But in an attempt to capture its essence; it is used to describe the processes of living things or systems to increase, advance or develop in size or amount, over time. 

With that in mind, business growth could be seen as — the sustained improvement of the living system that is your business. 

Often seen as the ‘holy grail’ of business goals, ‘growth’ will be different depending on the type of business. It could be the improvement of company size, revenue, market share, number of employees or customers, profitability, learnings, developing new products or employees’ skills. Often a combination of these but ultimately, it’s making a business ‘more successful’.

Brand design is your strategic tool to spark growth. How? It gives people a reason to believe in your business.

You can define business growth by using any of the above metrics, but each of them relies on one thing in common, people. People are always the root of business growth, because it relies on the actions taken by the customers, employees, stakeholders, the wider audience or society as a whole.

Business success is both, achieved by people’s actions and measured by people’s perceptions. This is where your brand can take centre stage. After all, brand should be considered as “how people feel about your business”.

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Obvious stuff, yes. But understanding this, keeping people at the forefront of your business and ensuring they come with you emotionally on your journey is how a well-defined, strategic brand sparks growth.

Considering the above, let’s explore how getting the most out of your brand is the best way to spark business growth.

The main ways a ‘strategic and creative brand’ can improve business growth:

1 — Present your unique value.

A successful business understands both, the real benefit it has on a customer’s life and how it stands apart from its competition. Combining these two factors and utilising your brand strategy to present that concisely, will allow your business to carve out a space in the market of its very own. Meaning your business will have a valuable solution and no competition.

2 — Define what you are known for.

A well-defined brand enables one consistent story to be presented to your audience. This improves the effectiveness of all future marketing, significantly improves reputation, increases word of mouth and attracts top talent to your business.

Not only does this help your customers understand your business, it is also invaluable internally — a well-defined brand gives you something to aim for; a path to business success.

3 — Grab the attention of the market.

Having a strong brand proposition, paired with a captivating brand character and identity, is the foundation of all marketing efforts. It is this that will help you stand out in the market, attract new customers and build recognition for your business.

4 — Provoke customer engagement.

A brand’s job is to build trust from your audience, enabling them to feel confident in interacting and buying from you. A strong brand will highlight the strengths that make your business a good choice to solve the problem.

5 — Nurture relationships with customers and employees.

Beyond trust, a brand’s goal should be to create belief from your audience, allowing them to connect on a deeper level. A brand that consistently communicates their own beliefs and values will resonate with like-minded people.

These brands will see an increase in loyalty, long term advocacy, increased commitment, return sales, and active engagement from customers and employees. Your brand will have people rooting for you and choosing you over competitors, even when ‘practicality’ says otherwise.

To summarise, the real benefit of a brand is its ability to connect your business to its stakeholders. Convincing them to believe in you and your mission, enough to, at a bare minimum, buy from you. But it has the potential for so much more!

What’s next?

If you found this interesting and want to explore ‘How brands spark business growth’ in further detail; you can download our full ‘brand guidebook’ here.

We work with you to amplify your brand’s unique value straight to your customers. Our ability to blend strategic and creative thinking, means we can draw out real potential that sparks meaningful impact for your business.

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