Motorola Your
Smart Baby

eCommerce Site Design and Launch
Your Smart Baby is the sub brand created from the technology of Motorola. Motorola’s Your Smart Baby technology is a simple way to keep an eye on your little one and measure the growth of your baby. It’s the perfect way of creating the ultimate ecosystem for a consumer’s nursery.

The Brief

We were tasked by the distributor, RKW, to create an on brand, easy to use, ecommerce website to sell Motorola’s Your Smart Baby products as a bundle. The bundle consisted of; a nursery cam, a nursery night time projector and the ‘baby and you’ scales. This was the first time RKW had brokered a deal with Motorola to sell their products, and so RKW needed to suitably impress with fast results.

The three products were already for sale, individually; on Amazon, Motorola and various other retailers but no one was selling them as a bundle or actively educating the consumer about the benefits of using all products together. RKW was to market the bundle and needed a direct to consumer, online ecommerce presence.

By advertising these products together on the site, we helped showcase the ultimate baby bundle for consumers, all at a great price. Because of the complexity and the features of the smart technology within the products, we needed to include clear, easy to understand, product description pages, highlighting key features and benefits to parents.

As the Motorola brand is already well established and the company had high quality assets (lifestyle photography, product renders, spec sheets) we used their brand guidelines and existing logo as an initial starting point to base the look and feel of the marketing and website design. We knew to utilise and build on this already strong and trusted technology brand.

The Design

We started the design by selecting a colour pallet from the logo provided. The pink and blue of the brand would be two of the key colours used throughout the site, keeping the website on brand with the Your Smart Baby visual identity. To maintain a clean look and feel about the website we added an on trend cool grey to the colour pallet. Now the brand was starting to come together we needed to flesh it out with typography, brand graphics and call outs, and a suite of Motorola produced product and lifestyle imagery which we edited for a consistent look and feel.

We really needed to shout about how all three of the products are complementary, a bundle and sold together. The bundle opportunity was the main “sell” and this featured heavily and headed up the home page, with a large price point, click to buy button and emotive language. Following this we singled out each individual product with happy lifestyle imagery and highlighted key features and benefits of each Smart Baby item.

We created a three-grid layout that consisted of body copy and lifestyle images; the design of these had to work hand-in-hand together and reflect the simplistic and modern feel of the products and brand. The product pages themselves needed to be clear and easy to navigate, which is something that was very important to us. We used the website’s sign off as a space to go back and review all three of the Smart Baby products, we added plenty of call-to-actions so that the consumer could find out even more about the package.

The Build

Once we had the clear wireframe and design in place, we then moved onto the build. The site was built in WordPress, which meant we could adapt to the client’s needs very quickly; this also meant that the website could grow in content much more easily. In the long term, allowing the client to content manage the site, products and prices if needed.

Tailoring the user experience for each individual device, we decided that an adaptive website build would be needed so that the website works correctly across all platforms. Because of this the site doesn’t just shrink for mobile, we constantly thought about how the site would look on all devices; both small and large.

Anticipating that the site’s traffic would increase as the email marketing and paid banner advertising promotions were launched, we ensured that the Motorola’s Smart Baby website was fast, adaptive and extremely functional.

This was a fast paced build, with many meetings online, at customers offices and plenty of afterhours work – this is something we knew we would need to do and so everyone was happy with late night pizza and going above and beyond to get the work completed in deadline.

The Results

Once the hard work was over, we started to see immediate results. With the first month of launch we sold over 35% of total stock – far beyond any target or expectations. The conversion rate of visits to the site verses purchase was extremely high. But most importantly Motorola were pleased and impressed with the work and have since agreed for more distribution of product via RKW. So not only were we instrumental in meeting sales targets but we also played a key role in securing future business.