Branding & Packaging


Velo are a team of go-getters. Their ready to drink cold brew coffee was created to remedy the active lifestyles of founders Jason and Simon; two friends with a passion for cycling and coffee. The company is about to be launched on Kickstarter, the aim is to continue to produce great cold brew coffee, supplying independent cafes, restaurants and bars, with the aspiration to sell to luxury and national retailers around the UK. Velo focuses on using ethically sourced products to aid in the production of the finest cold brew coffee.

The Brief

Velo approached us earlier this year with the exciting brief of designing their corporate identity alongside the creation of packaging for their entire cold brew coffee range. This included 4 different flavours along with a gift box.

Our Approach

Our integrated role in this project started from the conception of the brand, working closely with the client to identify their target market and brand position. We identified that the target demographic are enthusiastic cyclists, both professional and non professional with a shared passion and love for coffee.

Before building a brand presence for Velo, it was important to understand what these entrepreneurs were up against within the crowdfunding realm. The brand not only had to stand out against its Kickstarter competitors but also other larger coffee corporations. What makes Velo unique to its rivals? The answer is; a deep passion for cycling and specially crafted recipes that are designed around the cyclist coffee culture. Perfect for the coffee stop, Velo provides the mental and physical ‘pick me up’ needed to get back on the bike and to hit the road. This passion is what we needed to make sure stood out as part of the brands new visual identity.

The brand’s logo is made up from a soft, italic typeface encased in a full circle to mimic a bicycle wheel in a minimalist style. Although the business has derived from two cycling enthusiasts, it was important to both Jason and Simon that the brand style has longevity and can also appeal to those who aren’t as familiar with the sport.

Part of the criteria when creating the brand was coming up with a system that could be used across their entire range of products. We felt that the brand name Velo (which for those who aren’t familiar with the word means bicycle in French) did just that. The name provided a strong visual platform for the different brand elements. As you can see from the designs we’ve allocated distinctive colours to each bottle, to differentiate each unique blend of cold brew coffee. These colours represent the iconic jerseys in the world tours of professional cycling.

Our Highlights

It’s been a pleasure working with such a passionate and ethical brand. We loved bringing Jason and Simon’s unique vision to life.