Paramount Chauffeurs


Paramount Chauffeurs are a new, modern class of private hire car for the 21st century. They wanted a brand that showcased their high end aesthetic, their impeccable customer service and their modern take on the industry. We were delighted to be involved in such a forward thinking project and relished every moment.

Paramount wanted to distance themselves from the somewhat stuffy image of the chauffeur industry and asked us to avoid all twee and vintage inspired visuals. With this challenge in mind, we created an all encompassing brand that reflected the sleek and high end nature of the service.

We began our design process with the idea of movement and flow. Visually, we experimented with brushes and ink to give a natural feel of movement to our graphics. We then transferred our physical ink blots onto a digital canvas to create a mercurial brand that can change and evolve to reflect the movement of the service.

The finished brand is polished, clean and modern with a muted colour palette and an emphasis on quality.