Oddfellows Chocolate

Branding & Photography
When a craft chocolate maker asks you to work with them, you don’t say no! We leapt at the chance to create a bright, energetic and fun brand identity.

We crafted the brand from the ground up, starting with renaming the company to truly reflect their quirky and vibrant nature.

We took a holistic route when creating this brand, getting our designers involved in tasting and making chocolate, visiting their production premises and meeting one on one with the client.

We then fully immersed ourselves in their world and helped them create everything that a growing company needs: a full marketing strategy, stationery, packaging, lifestyle and product photography, built them an online presence in the form of social media channels and a fully fledged eCommerce site, and most importantly, crafted this fun and colourful brand to match their bubbly nature.

We wanted the brand to reflect the hand made nature of the product so chose hand written typefaces and rough hewn edges contrasted with bold and vibrant colours to make the product pop on the shelf.