MrJ & Co


Bored of drinking Rum and Coke, MrJ & Co set out on their mission to disrupt the stagnant mixer market. Causing a stir with CBD mixers that pair perfectly with Rum and Gin, to bring a fresh take on unforgettable nights out.

MrJ initially came to us looking for a new brand identity and packaging design to launch the CBD drink mixer. That was in 2019, and since then we’ve designed and realised a stark and edgy visual style. The key to defining the MrJ brand was in understanding Matt, who is undoubtedly the life and soul that embodies the brand. It was his thirst to shake things up that kicked this whole thing off after all.

The Brief

With MrJ’s vision and approach, we were tasked with sculpting a brand with a difference. The concept needed to be modern, clean and very design led. It was essential that the brand communicated the benefits of the legal cannabis extract (CBD) to a fresh market.

“Our plan of action was to develop the brand in conjunction with the bottle designs, since this was key in how MrJ would communicate to the world. These mixers can be drunk on sunny days outside or intimate nights in or crazy nights out. So the design direction had to instantly represent flavour differentiation, along with identifying which flavours worked best in the sun or in the club.

“As part of our design development we created a suite of CGI images. These images proved to be incredibly valuable as the pandemic restrictions were extended and extended again. We had planned to organise a lifestyle photo-shoot, as we wanted to capture the drinks being consumed by ‘real’ people and to further amplify the brands direction. Unfortunately this could not happen in time for the website going live. But the CGI images were so impressive that we collectively decided to expand the range of images specifically for use on the website.”

Ant, Account Handler – On Brand & Product

Our Approach

It was clear from the start that this new mixer was going to cause a stir! Identifying the fresh take on a market and the curious attitude of Matt, we knew this project was going to be special. Just like pets and their owners, a startup brand often reflects the personality at the helm. The early conversations with Matt were essential in understanding the needs of the business and how he intended to mix things up.

Inspired by Matt’s honest and off the cuff conversation style, the brand voice was born. Injected full of personality the words jump out with a casual and tongue and cheek tone of voice, that captures the energy of a MrJ night out.

Every step of the journey we have helped develop the MrJ brand to the next stage. Initially helping to visualise a dream, by producing packaging for 2 drink ranges (with one more on the way), 3D modelling and rendering the product in still life. Before bringing the product to life, by telling the brand story across a brand led website, lifestyle and studio photography, and exciting print elements.

Our Highlights

The whole of this project has been a pleasure to work on, everyone involved has enjoyed developing a great idea and making it a reality. Projects like this one are the reason we love what we do. But, if we were to pick a highlight it would have to be the photography. In-between the two national pandemic lockdowns we managed to have a two day shoot. We couldn’t involve people, but we could capture some product images to reflect the disruptive ‘up for it’ lifestyle this brand wants to express. Using the medium of photography we were able to be more expressive, and a little more messy. We were able to reflect the anarchic aspects of the MrJ brand.

Measurable Results

The story continues, and we are currently designing MrJ’s next chapter, to shaking up the mixer market. Things aren’t easy at the moment for the drinks industry, but we know that MrJ is ready when things return to more normal times.