Exudate Solution Campaign


Lohmann-Rauscher (L&R) has more than 160 years of experience producing outstanding wound care and compression therapy products for the healthcare market. A leader in its sector, L&R have always seen the value in educating consumers through day-away events, informative videos or helpful literature. This approach has made them one of the main manufacturers of some of the worlds most regarded products.

Debrisoft, one of the main great products that L&R manufacture, need to be re imagined as part of a range of products for an exudate solution for debridement in leg ulcers.

New approach

In early 2018, We Are Ghost were asked to work with L&R to produce this new way of marketing the Debrisoft product. As part of the L&R belief to educate, our task was to market Debrisoft with two other debridement products.

As part of this overall education for clinicians, L&R additionally wanted to promote the specific benefits of Debrisoft, Vliwasorb Pro and Actico, when used together.

Design direction

We discovered through our research and discussions with the client, there were many clinicians who were not using this range of products correctly. This gave us a clear objective to highlight the benefits of each product and educate the clinicians how to get the very best from the L&R range. As part of the campaign, we also needed to focus on the benefits of using these three products in conjunction with each other, and how the NHS would then save time and money on wound care budgets.

We designed an information pack that would be distributed to clinicians and nursing staff; complete with three leaflets to educate the consumer, along with samples of each product so that the nurses and clinicians could see first-hand how well the wound care dressings worked together.

The look and feel of the informative sample pack was very important to us, the overall appearance had to be simplistic yet eye-catching whilst still sticking to L&R’s corporate brand guidelines. We opted to colour code and number the leaflets and samples so that nurses could easily understand this three-stage solutions approach.

To go along with the campaign, we designed a series of illustrative characters that represent the roles of Clinicians, Nurses and Patients. These were rafted from clean lines and easily readable features. These characters were used across a variety of literature that we created for this campaign.


With the Debrisoft range now being active for 12 months the feedback has been a true revelation in educating the customer on how these products work together. We’ve also been told sales have increased for all three products, which is great because that means there are more healthy happy patients.