Raleigh's Diamondback

Mountain Bike Sales Campaign

Diamondback were originally a Californian bicycle manufacturer back in the 1970’s, but are now owned by the British manufacturer Raleigh of Nottingham. Specialising in mountain bikes, Diamondback wanted to test the market in the UK for a selection of their popular bikes.

Through conversations with the client, we established the need for a sales orientated stand alone ‘micro-site’ with dedicated social marketing for the Myers and Lumis mountain bikes.

The Brief

Raleigh wanted to reinvigorated the Diamondback brand within the UK. It was once a highly regarded brand by the UK bike industry, but since Diamondback hadn’t marketed the brand in recent years, a number of customers thought they were no longer interested in mountain bikes.

Diamondback therefore needed to reintroduce their Myers and Lumis range of mountain bikes in the UK and make some ‘noise’ in the process. They wanted primarily to do this digitally and also advertise in relevant bike publications; since this is an enthusiasts bike.

The existing Diamondback bikes website wasn’t robust enough to work with this fluid campaign, so we needed to explore how a dedicated website could work within their existing purchase and stock systems. This became a vital part of our brief.

Our Approach

The Ghost team have a number of avid cyclists who were particularly excited to work with Raleigh and Diamondback and bring this campaign to life. The client wanted to rejuvenate and invigorate their sales by focusing their advertising energy on two of their flagship bikes; Meyers and Lumis.

Our creative team first started to examine the range of bikes to figure out what it was that could make them special; their USP. After very little time our ‘in-house’ bike enthusiasts were inspired by the bike’s colour scheme and the lifestyle that revolves around this particular type of cycling. In the end, they put together a bold and gritty visual style with strong and shareable tag-lines.

At the centre of this campaign we created a bespoke e-commerce website, working closely with Raleigh’s team, we built the campaign website to integrate with their internal purchasing systems. Using our bold visuals and photography with punchy new product descriptions, the site was set up to accurately measure and monitor the performance of the sales campaign through Google Analytics and adapt our approach during the duration of the campaign.

Key to the success of this campaign was our expert understanding of social media advertising and SEO. This allowed us to test, review and target our campaign effectively. Using Google advertising highlighting special features, offers and availability through the website; we ended up with some amazing results. That combined with an SEO prepared website, we had some joined up marketing that really brought in some surprising feedback for Diamondback and Raleigh itself.

In the more traditional forms of advertising, we worked closely with the client to create a comprehensive media plan for the duration of the campaign. We also undertook organising the logistics of procuring ‘product reviews’ from some of the UK’s top biking magazines to further promote these flagship bikes.

Our Highlights

For all the biking members of our team, this project was something to be excited about. We work for many various and interesting clients, but when a job comes into the studio that connects to us personally, it gives us that extra passion that becomes a valuable and compelling asset to our clients.

The one story I remember that really helped everyone understand what Diamondback was about, was from Chris, our Creative Director (CD). He told us that his father once said to him as a child, he would one day be bought a Diamondback bike. His dad said that they were a great bikes for someone just starting out mountain biking.

Finally, we felt honoured to be involved in Dimondback’s story in the UK and promoting their mountain bikes.

Measurable Success

Through conversations with the client, we established the strategy of ‘3 Routes of Communication’. These were advertising and reviews on relevant enthusiasts websites, print publications and social media.

From our Google AdWords campaign we targeted over 3k genuine potential customers over the period of this campaign. The Lumis home page had 556% more traffic than the same bike page on Diamondback’s own main website; with Myers having 314% more.

Our social campaign had over 250k impressions with a click through rate of 3.2%; 2% being the average amount.

We also started to get some vital data on what type of adverts get the most results for mountain bikes in the UK, which proved beneficial to the whole of Raleigh future marketing strategy.