Wet Glue Labelling Campaign

Since 1827, the label manufacturer Darley has worked with many famous beverage brands from their base in Burton-on-Trent. Darley came to us with the task of creating a campaign aimed at brewers to explain  the value of using Wet Glue labels.   Darley are one of the UK’s most famous names in specialised printing solutions and the largest producer of bottle labels in the country. They say that if you need something labelling, then “Darley are the ones to go to!”.

Burton is known as the brewing capital-of-the-world and Darley prefer to partner with local businesses that share a passion for what they do. Our long-standing relationship with Darley involves building brands, creating campaigns, developing their website and digital marketing.

The Brief

Darley tasked We Are Ghost to create and produce a digital campaign that persuades the brewing industry to consider limitations of Pressure Sensitive Labels (plastic based, sticker type labels) for the far superior Wet Glue Labels for their labelling needs. The campaign itself would be an html email campaign that would be informative and highly visual with  the brands being photographed. 

Our Approach

Now, we are massive fans of great beer and great label design, but we also felt strongly about this project for other reasons. Not only do we think Wet Glue labels are beautiful, but they’re also friendlier on our environment. They are sustainably sourced, biodegradable and 100% recyclable; Pressure Sensitive Labels do not have any of these benefits.

The html element of the campaign was easy enough to produce, using a corporate style and the data provided by Darley, with input from their excellent marketing team.  The hero of the campaign would be product photography to highlight the superior print quality of the Wet Glue Labels, as well as the prestigious brand names that use Darley for their labelling needs. Using our very own photographic studio, we created a style that focussed on branded products themselves, such as Guinness and Budweiser. We really wanted a style that allowed the labels and their printed details to ‘really sing’. These images were lit in a low-key lighting setup, that made the labels a desirable asset for the products that most breweries would aspire to own.

Our Highlights

The campaign took the shape of a digital mailing campaign that was so successful it’s now being expanded into their print adverting campaign. The style of photograph we took and the level of the quality made was so good, it has grown into other areas of Darley’s marketing strategy for 2018.