Cosi Care



Lauren Bell; Founder of Cosi Care, has suffered with Eczema throughout her life especially in her younger years. “Stop the scratching” was a commonly used phrase throughout her household. Entrepreneur Lauren finally decided it was time for change, and developed the tools to mimic scratching and soothe itching. Cosi Care is the first hand-held product that cools and relieves itching in seconds, prevents scratching from damaging the skin and is a form of instant effective relief for young Eczema sufferers. Cosi Care is an investment of Touker Suleymans, Low Profile Group; with both companies working in partnership to take the brand to market.

The brief

Cosi Care came to We Are Ghost with a very clear indication of what they wanted help with. Founder; Lauren really wanted to elevate the brands corporate identity ready for the products Spring/Summer 2020 launch. We are Ghost were given the task to create a confident and trustworthy brand, Lauren specifically wanted the logo and packaging to reflect the movement and texture of the products, with a cooling colour pallet that associates with the products soothing and healing properties.

Our approach

We Are Ghost gave Cosi Care a new logo and subsequent design style that’s primarily based around type and tactile elements. The logo is soft in shape with rounded letters that reflect the bumps on the products, the I in Cosi can be seen to mimic the massaging motion, adding a feel of movement to the typeface.

We felt that to go alongside the logo a strapline was needed to really elevate the brand. It was important to us that consumers instantly understood that Cosi Care was an itch relief tool. We came up with the fun and playful tagline of “outmatch the scratch.”

The feel of the packaging is just as important as its appearance. Touch is the most effective way to communicate, it has the power to provide reassurance and comfort. The tactile quality of packaging can completely transform how a brand is perceived. It has the power to create a desirable and premium feel. With this in mind we added texture and tangible elements throughout the packaging that reflected the bumps on the reverse of the products.

Our Highlights

It’s been a pleasure working with such a passionate derma logical company. We have loved working alongside Cosi Care, helping them to bring their brand vision to life. We can’t wait to see the products in stores next year!

“I have worked with We Are Ghost on my startup business Cosi Care and I absolutely loved how they improved my brand. Such a friendly team that really delve into the core of your brand values and deliver clear, high quality and impressive brand guidelines, colour schemes, look books and imagery. I am so impressed and I can’t wait to work with them again in the future.” – Lauren Bell; Founder of Cosi Care