Carmen You

Visual Identity
Carmen has been at the forefront of the hair care appliance business since 1965. Combining high quality, innovation and modern design; the brand offers a wide range of top quality hair dryers, straighteners and innovative styling products

Today Carmen is a market leader in hair and beauty care appliances across Europe.

The Brief

We were delighted when Carmen approached We Are Ghost in hopes that we’d be able to help brand their all new beauty product range ‘Carmen You’.

The brief was to create a visual style to a Carmen sub-brand, which appealed predominantly to a young adult audience. The key to the campaign would be to understand the target market and the way in which they interact on social platforms.

Our Approach

During adolescence, young people often think a lot about how they look and compare themselves to their peers. A positive body image is an important part of teenage health and self-esteem. Today, more than ever, social media and online advertising play a critical role with adolescents seeking validation from their friends and followers through ‘likes’ for their photos and or posts.

With this in-mind and body image being such an important subject matter today, we believed the correct way of marketing Carmen You would be to immerse the brand within the body positive movement. Carmen You should be the brand that advocates the acceptance of all bodies no matter the form, size, or appearance, inspiring young people to love themselves, flaws and all. That’s when we constructed the social hashtag #BEYOU which would feature across all asserts of the campaign; web, social media, packaging and other print advertisements.

As would be expected when promoting any new product range online, some flawless product and lifestyle imagery would be needed. In order to appeal to a younger audience, we researched in this key market to discover what young adults were interested in and applied our thinking to the photographic style.

Our Highlights

We really enjoyed identifying a voice of teenagers to be expressive young adults and also highlight the Carman brands ethical role in supporting their next generation of consumers.