Carling Euro's 2021

Social Media Campaign

Carling asked We Are Ghost to help their brand with a social campaign to run throughout the Euro 2020 Championships. The outcome was to create numerous assets for the entire football tournament, ranging from group stages all the way through to the final match.

Engagement between the Carling brand and football fans was a key element to the Euros social campaign. The aim was to create numerous social posts for Instagram, Facebook and twitter that would be as reactive to their UK target audience as possible.

In total We Are Ghost created around 400 Assets that were posted by Carling throughout the month-long tournament. The data collected from all social channels proved this organic campaign to be a massive success.

The total number of impressions was 1,206,715. Just to put this figure into perspective the average for the month is usually 150K – 200K! The total individual engagement was 43,924 (Not including the numerous retweets, likes and shares – as this data unfortunately can’t be collected). Again, to put this figure into perspective Carling’s monthly engagement usually sits at around 7,000 – which is normally supported by paid promotional posts.

During the month of the Euro 2020 Championships, the social campaign out performed Carling’s average paid for month activity by 500%.

The campaign was such a success that Carling decided to recreate one of the cans designed for the social post, to celebrate the efforts of the England team reaching their first final in 55 years! The can will be part of Carlings “Proud Can Giveaway” and has already driven engagement and sparked numerous conversations on all social media platforms!