Mothers’ Day – Celebrate while you isolate

20 March 2020
By – Mike Sweeting

Mother's Day

Mothers’ Day – Celebrate while you isolate

20 March 2020
By – Mike Sweeting

This Sunday is Mothers’ Day. A day that shows the love we all have for our Mums and we give appreciation of their love for us. But a lot of us won’t be able to see them this weekend. Some of us might not even be able to send flowers or in anyway be given a kiss or hug in return.

So our team wanted to try and help with some alternative suggestions:

1. Virtual flowers.

Find an image or gif you like and send it to Mum via her favourite social platform. Maybe even use our image here. The main thing is to make Mum smile on Mothering Sunday.

2. Share an experience.

FaceTime Mum as you prepare, cook and even eat a meal. Home cooking in both your homes, what could be better. Chat about things and talk about when you’ll next meet.

3. Gardening.

You might not be able to go into your Mum’s home this weekend, but you could tidy up their garden; sorry if you’ll hate this, but it’s a good idea! Take tools from the shed and make the garden look its best. All supervised by Mum through a window.

4. Vouchers.

Buy some vouchers for later in the year. Vouchers for visits to favourite places or tea at the Ritz. Do it all digitally and send it with love.

5. Already bought the perfect gift.

Some of us have been planning our gift for Mum for weeks and already bought her a present. Currently, you can still go to them, drop off your present knock the door and step back. Just remember to be wise and sanitise first.

And for those of you without Mum on Sunday, send out a Tweet or Instagram image of happier days. Feel the love.

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