Let’s Go Outside!

26 June 2018
By – Jess Bastock


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how amazing this months weather has been.

With this in mind, I pretty much bit our Creative Directors hand off, when I was given the opportunity to have a morning basking in Lichfield’s glorious sunshine. It wasn’t all sun tan lotion and ice creams though, Mike, Chris and myself actually headed there for a super secret photoshoot that we hope to share with you all very soon!

Beacon Park in Lichfield was our location and it didn’t disappoint. The park was beautiful! If you haven’t been I highly recommend you stop what you’re doing right now, grab a picnic and head over there. The beautiful flower garden that’s situated within the grounds played a key part in the majority of the photos. Very pretty to look at, nightmare for hay fever sufferers like myself! As part of the brief we also needed some ‘urban’ shots, with this in mind we headed over to the City’s Cathedral. Once we arrived I couldn’t help but stand in awe as I looked up at this historic and picturesque building surrounded by quant town houses and their charming multi coloured doors. We hit the brief spot on with this second location and the photos couldn’t be more stunning.

All in all the morning couldn’t have gone more to plan; everything ran really smoothly. No equipment malfunctioned, the model was brilliant, the client was extremely happy and we got all the images that were needed in one shoot. I love working with the guys and being out of the office in such a beautiful environment definitely helped get the creative juices flowing, inspiring us to get some abstract shots that look superb!

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