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8 September 2017
By – Ghost

Alex Blog

It’s our Intern Alex’s last day! While Alex has been with us he has been writing blogs about his experience working in our team. We’ve really enjoyed having him in the studio and wish him all the best for the future! Check out his blogs below!

Getting started!

“Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a recent graduate of Worcester University. I’m currently in Burton over the summer before I study my MA in Creative Digital Media at Worcester University.

The opportunity of working at We Are Ghost was completely unexpected, but such a privilege. Working with We Are Ghost has given me the opportunity to work with professionals in my field, as well as have a taste of how a graphics company functions and processes.
It’s currently 3:56pm on Friday, marking the end of my first week for me at Ghost. Whether it’s accepting the offer for a 7th cup of tea or shouting out answers at Wheel of Fortune with the team during lunch, I’ve found settling in really easy.

The studio is amazingly relaxed, giving me a perfect environment to produce work without feeling pressured or stressed. I’ve been working on illustrations for the new website, and animating them. Animation is something I’ve always wanted to get into, but never had the opportunity, another reason why working here is a WIN.

I’m still a massive rookie with After Effects (animation software), but hopefully after my time here I’ll be a lot more fluent and experienced in using it, which will be incredibly useful to me to utilise during my MA.
For now, it’s back to work… roll on next week.”

Being a ‘real adult’

“It’s 2:57pm, Friday 11th, and this week has been great. It’s gone so much faster than my first and I already feel even more settled in. After producing a few animations last week, I finished them off and have started on a new page of the new website. Nevertheless, the minimalist-illustration style I’m working with is fantastic, allowing me to create clean, precise and geometric animations which are great to see when they’re finished. Above is a photo of some other illustrations I’ve been working on.

My one aim of this work experience was to find out how a ‘real’ graphics company functions and works together. Here at We Are Ghost the whole team are brilliant, they have a large team with ranging skills from web design, to 3D design and even choosing great playlists on Spotify. It’s great to see how the team work together and help each other out with client work when they have ‘free time’. Whether it’s taking calls from clients or having regular meetings, everything is smooth and incredibly professional. They even use an app (which reminds me of MSN… the professional equivalent) to talk to each other internally rather than having to play email tennis from one another. On another note, unlike last week’s entertainment of Wheel of Fortune, this week’s favourite was Catchphrase which was equally as hilarious.

I’m now halfway through my time at We Are Ghost, and besides working here, living in Burton is great. I bike into work daily, have joined a gym and am beginning to feel like a ‘real’ adult. I’d definitely recommend working at We Are Ghost to anyone looking, and living in Burton is fantastic (though I may be slightly biased because I was born here).

That’s it for now though!”

The world of work

“This is my last full week here at We Are Ghost and it’s been great.

The 7:15 wake up and the regular drinks of tea are making me feel like a ‘real adult’, which is terrifying, yet fulfilling, as having a regular structure feels fantastic.

This week has been quite interesting. I’ve been sent out for an Aldi run with the We Are Ghost credit card (very trusting on their part… I am a student after all), I’ve been a model opening beer boxes, and I’ve spent time on my own personal website whilst in between jobs/tasks. The main task I’ve been working on is producing illustrations for a client’s magazine adverts and wall covers, which has been quite humorous when they ask me to draw a 2D version of Loughborough’s Sock-Man (Google it).

At We Are Ghost, it’s a great environment to learn and develop new skills – like I have with animating and coding – in a relatively stress free environment. Lunch times are one hour long which is such a blessing compared to the 30 minutes I’ve been used to Worcester Students’ Union, and there’s even a bar upstairs!

As another task, I was asked to produce a slideshow video for a screen inside the studio, which required me rooting though folders for images to use. I quickly found hilarious photos of individuals in the team, photos of holiday decorations and parties and realised that at We Are Ghost, being a family or being fun isn’t just something they claim to be, it’s actively something they are.

That’s it for now though!”


“This my final blog, as I leave for Worcester tomorrow.

I’m now really looking forward to heading back to University in September, with the knowledge I now know about ‘real-world’ clients, working with a team and the whole etiquette of working life.

I feel that if I maintain this amount of hours working during the week, I’m going to nail my Masters… I’m also looking forward to having free time during the week haha!

My time at We Are Ghost has been brilliant, and I feel so privileged that We Are Ghost saw potential in me and have hosted me for a placement and would definitely recommend applying for a placement here if you’re looking for space to explore new areas about graphics or even get a grasp of work-life.”

That’s it from me, thanks We Are Ghost!

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