Empowering our clients to believe

6 December 2018
By – Chris Bastock


We Are Ghost work with many small to medium-sized enterprises, or SME businesses; ones that have grown over years and don’t have the formal structure of multi-national businesses, let alone a dedicated marketing department.

Which we really don’t mind since we are experts in this field. Why have one in-house member of staff when you can have all of us at Ghost! We can be your brand guardians and advise, guide and clarify the ‘how’ and ‘why’ you should be marketing the way you do.

However, we love seeing our clients grow and become more confident. To those not used to it, or not confident in marketing it can be a big step to spend part of their budget on “marketing”. Particularly when many of those marketing items are not tangible products but a branded service – sometimes brands aren’t something easily valued and promoted.

Take John German for example, a local estate agent who I’ve been working alongside for over 3 years and it has been one of my proudest achievements to see their team grow in confidence and believe in their own marketing. The team at John German and We Are Ghost meet regularly to discuss short terms plans as well as longer term goals for the business. We always have present an Account Handler or Marketer (me) and a creative – this gives a nice mix of perspectives and means we can get to the bottom of new ideas with strong outcomes.

John German and Ghost have a great bond and a great level of trust and respect, so we can ask difficult questions such as; “What are your current challenges and how are customers responding?”. These types of questions help us understand their business in real time, allow us to adapt and really get the best out of their budget. We’ve helped them make some streamline decisions, navigate the different needs and wants of individual offices and managers. To ultimately build and continue to maintain a strong John German brand that reflects their fantastic business.

A real highlight for me was when John German introduced Marketing Manager as a job title, meaning the business is and will continue to be, invested in the value of its brand through great marketing.

We work with you to amplify your brand’s unique value straight to your customers. Our ability to blend strategic and creative thinking, means we can draw out real potential that sparks meaningful impact for your business.

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