Crafting a vibrant brand identity.

An Avocado wholesalers approached us and they had a vision for something unique. They wanted to create a premium sister company, one that not only offered avocados but also expanded its horizons to include mangos and bananas, with the potential to introduce even more fruits in the future.

We started the project by doing market research into the fruit market – this research revealed a compelling insight: the ripeness of the produce played a key role in influencing buyers’ decisions. It was the moment of selecting the produce, the gentle squeeze, that truly mattered. Inspired by this tactile connection between consumers and fruits, we came up with the name “SupaRipe.” This name signifies a commitment to delivering fruits at their absolute peak of ripeness.

The design philosophy revolved around organic shapes and typography to evoke the natural essence of the fruits. We chose a colour palette that was vibrant and lively, mirroring the ripest moments of the fruits.

The result? SupaRipe, a brand that offers more than just fruits; it offers an experience. An experience of ripeness, freshness, and the simple joy of selecting the perfect fruit through touch. It’s a brand that elevates the art of fruit selection and celebrates the natural goodness of each bite.

The brand features a typography style that emulates the organic and natural shape of avocados. With its fluid lines and organic contours, the typography echoes the gentle curves and irregularities found in nature.

We’re a team of creatives who believe that our individual abilities and perspectives are amplified when we come together to create change for our clients.

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