Rivet tools that simply put in a shift and get the job done.

In a saturated tool industry dominated by major players, a new brand named RivRite emerged with the ambition to disrupt the market. They aim not only to provide high-quality rivet tools but to redefine the customer experience and instil confidence through simplicity.

RivRite aspire to prove themselves by offering affordable tools that simplify the user experience. Their goal is to fill as many people as possible with confidence that they can effortlessly get their job done, relying on RivRite for quality and support. 

Launching a new brand in a competitive industry posed challenges. RivRite aims to disrupt without upsetting the industry, navigating the delicate balance of innovation without alienating established players. The challenge was to emphasise service over products, positioning themselves as heroes without directly challenging competitors.

We were tasked with providing a full brand service, encompassing brand strategy, identity design, and activation. Our goal was to create a distinctive brand identity that resonated with the client’s values and effectively communicated their unique proposition.

We conducted industry research to start, which then helped us build a branding strategy session, uncovering RivRite’s core values: Simplicity, Support, Winning Together, Going Above and Beyond, Trust, and Celebration. We distilled these values into a brand idea: “Simplicity boosts confidence.” The communication strategy focused on three key messages: helping customers concentrate on their work, providing support to ensure a working tool, and backing a versatile product range with knowledge and experience.

We strategically employed bold colours and typography throughout the design process. The choice of striking colours, such as the vibrant green, and assertive typography served a dual purpose: instilling confidence and trust in customers while simultaneously disrupting the conventional aesthetic norms of the industry.

The bold colour palette was selected to evoke a sense of vibrancy, confidence, and uniqueness, setting RivRite apart from industry’s typical colour schemes, aimed to catch attention and signal a departure from the ordinary.

The typography is designed to convey strength and reliability, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to simplicity and quality. The strategic use of bold typography sent a clear message to customers: RivRite is a brand that stands out, exudes confidence, and challenges the status quo.

By incorporating these design elements, we not only visually communicated the brand’s values but also positioned RivRite as a disruptor in the market, capturing attention and fostering trust among customers who were seeking a fresh, reliable, and confident approach in the tool industry.

“Dealing with Ghost was a truly business changing experience. The way that the RivRite brand has been developed and released into the market place is extremely powerful and brings a fantastic range of products to life in the market place. I couldn’t speak more highly of Chris and the team at Ghost for what they have achieved in such a short space of time, thank you.”

Dan Williams
Managing Director, Rivrite

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