Cider that embodies the beautiful spirit of Sweden.

Over the past few years Ghost has built a great working relationship with Rekorderlig. We have worked alongside the brand on many of their seasonal activations. A number of the projects are lifestyle photography for the on-trade and off-trade markets, which can be seen over their social platforms.

With any type of photoshoot, preparation is the key to its success. Our talented Art Directors work tirelessly from beginning to end of each project, organising the models, staging and propping the shoot and guiding the visual style.

The photography of liquid needs special care and attention. The lighting on set has to be just right. The glass and bottles has to glow without any nasty glare and most importantly, the cider has to appear appetising and thirst quenching!

The key to great photography is to capture all the shots and angles that are needed before the ice melts and dilutes the cider. It really is a race against time!

Mike Sweeting – Creative Director

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