Diamond Back

Mountain bikes to conquer the trail.

Raleigh wanted to reinvigorated the Diamondback brand within the UK. It was once a highly regarded brand by the UK bike industry, but since Diamondback hadn’t marketed the brand in recent years, a number of retailers thought they were no longer interested in producing mountain bikes.

Diamondback therefore needed to reintroduce their Myers and Lumis range of mountain bikes in the UK and make some ‘noise’ in the process. They wanted primarily to do this digitally and also advertise in relevant bike publications; since this is an enthusiasts bike.

At the centre of this campaign we created a bespoke e-commerce website. Working closely with Raleigh’s team, we built the campaign website to integrate with their internal purchasing systems. Using our bold visuals and photography with punchy new product descriptions, the site was set up to accurately measure and monitor the performance of the sales campaign through Google Analytics and adapt our approach during the duration of the campaign.

From our Google AdWords campaign we targeted over 3k genuine potential customers over the period of this campaign. The Lumis home page had 556% more traffic than the same bike page on Diamondback’s own main website; with Myers having 314% more.

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