Beer as cold as the Rockies.

We’ve had the privilege of working with Molson Coors for a few years, after all, their offices are situated only a stone’s throw away from our studio! As you may have seen by now we have worked on a number of their biggest brewing brands but one of our favourites to work alongside has to be Coors.

Over the years we have built a strong working relationship with the brand and have worked on numerous projects consisting of product and lifestyle photography which can be seen throughout their social platforms. We have also helped with aiding the design for many of their marketing collateral such as POS displays and posters.

One of our favourite projects to work on was the photography that bought to life their latest campaign. Working with the client’s deadline and budgets, the best way to achieve this shoot was to photograph the product in our own studio. We used a combination of different expertise including studio photography and retouching to achieve the images that you see below. All the backgrounds that you see in this imagery have been placed to give the look and feel of a lively bar scene.

Being able to take a controlled studio photoshoot and manipulate the background to different scenarios really shows the flexibility and creativity you can have. As long as the composition is thought about it opens the door to more options without incurring higher costs for locations.

Jonathan Topliss – Designer

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