Bring Your A-Game

The performance agency who believe; it’s unified people who empower businesses to fly.

We delivered the complete rebrand; from brand strategy, to identity design and activation.

This story kicks off when Performance Coach come Olympic Sportsman Ash Garrett, approached Ghost to rebrand ‘Bring Your A-Game’. Several years had passed and ‘Bring Your A-Game’ had now outgrown its start-up phase. Having initially created that early brand, we were excited to get stuck-in and rediscover the brand.  

The business was growing and taking on more specialist projects in motivation, team performance and business development. So, it was only fitting that Ash was looking for something that reflected his own business today. A business with a harder more commercial edge. But also, a business with a rebellious nature that stands for an alternative approach to extraordinary performance.

Bring Your A-Game brand assets spray painted to capture the energy behind the brand.
Unify people to empower your future.
Bring Your A-Game 3d banner mark animation

Committed to a new future for Bring Your A-Game, Ash strives for a future where he challenges business leaders to rethink the way they see employee performance. A future where they hear the rallying call; that the power of team performance will lead them to true commercial success. But, there was an issue!

Bring Your A-Game
Squad goals, business impact.

The existing brand direction and style just wasn’t reflecting where the business was now. Originally built for an individual performance coach, with a then different outlook on the world. And that’s where we came in.

Ash reached out for our help to articulate the new Bring Your A-Game brand. To help clarify what it was now and to make sense of what that brand represented to the market. ‘Now’ was the time to evolve Bring Your A-Game.

So we invited them in, and kicked off our process with a discovery session – both to explore how things had changed and also to immerse ourselves in everything the brand represents. Straight off the bat it was obvious that their approach to performance is highly influenced by their experience in elite team sport. It was this edge over the competition that inspired their rallying call; Bring Your A-Game ‘unify people to empower your future’. A part of the full brand strategy, this small statement was the idea that would inform the whole brand direction.

Bring Your A-Game believe that extraordinary performance, comes when people perform as one. When they are unified under one banner. A banner that they choose, that they will follow, that they will rally behind.

Unified teams fly high.

We built Bring Your A-Game’s new brand identity around the idea that unified teams need a banner to rally under. This can be seen at the centre of the design system. The ‘banner mark’ is a banner for team to unify under. It’s the spark of energy to spur on businesses to create impact. It’s the lightning bolt that cuts through the competition. And, it’s the forward motion that captures the essence of elite sport.

Perfectly summing up the refined personality of the brand, the emotion behind the mark can be felt echoing throughout every element and touchpoint where the ‘A-Game’ exists.  

In an industry full of business jargon, Bring Your A-Game’s tone is optimistic, rebellious and guiding. Saying it how it is and provoking business leaders to have the ‘guts for glory’. All done with the mentality of an Olympic team, to unleash team performance, to win as champions. 

The performance agency who believe that it's unified teams that enable your business to fly.
Bring Your A-Game website screens.
Bring Your A-Game website mobile mockups.
Bring Your A-Game brand assets on a sports background.
Bring Your A-Game e-learning platform mockups.

The new Bring Your A-Game brand launched, and now propels them into a new future that we are proud to have been part of. We’re looking forward to seeing where the bravery of Bring Your A-Game’s team takes them next, and how they will benefit their clients through unified teams.

Bring Your A-Game branded poster mockup.

We’re a team of creatives who believe that our individual abilities and perspectives are amplified when we come together to create change for our clients.

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