Brewdog’s all grown up!

13 February 2020
By – Mike Sweeting


For 13 years Brewdog have made it their mission to bring craft beer to the people. Since then they have opened 4 breweries and 100 bars, becoming the biggest ‘craft beer’ brewery by far. Brewdog was founded as the brewery that, with bucket loads of attitude and a loud voice, dragged craft beer into the mainstream. Nobody can deny that Brewdog played a massive role in the explosion of craft beer across the UK and beyond! But how does such an influential brand, that started as a small independent craft brewery, progress and step up to the next level? 

Well, last week saw the launch of Brewdog’s new brand… And it looks like Brewdog has grown up! Their new branding has shed the rebellious teenage attitude that demanded attention, and has left us with a refined and approachable young adult. But, just like when anyone’s favourite band, or even brand, becomes more commercial there is likely to be a backlash with screams of ‘sellout’! At face value this rebrand doesn’t feel as unique and definitely not as ‘Punk’. But, this move makes it clear. Brewdog feel that in order to continue growing as a brand they need to reach out to new markets and attract new consumers into the world of craft beer.

Personally I’m glad that Brewdog have taken this step. It’s been obvious that there was a disconnect between Brewdog’s business model and their brand personality. They appear to have far outgrown their skin! 

This rebrand brings a fresh take on ‘who are Brewdog’, and importantly I feel it reflects the current position of their brand story. No more pretending to be a small craft brewery sticking it to the system, Brewdog are being honest now. Brewdog are a global juggernaut and it’s time they acted like it.

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