We’ve grown significantly in size, we’ve become more organised than ever and we’ve worked with more and more exciting and game changing clients. We’re not just a little agency any more, we’re playing with the big boys now, and it’s been a journey!

We’ve built a great, highly skilled team who love their work and are proud of what they do. But… Our old branding didn’t always reflect this. We sometimes came across as a little dated, maybe even a little neglected. We are so much better than that, so we decided to shout it from the rooftops. It was time our branding reflected our true potential and what we are capable of, instead of just where we have been.

So, we injected some fresh energy into our agency with vibrant and consistently branded touch points and created an identity that we’re proud to showcase. But this didn’t come out of thin air… We’ve spent years digging deep into our agency DNA, researching our history, analysing our position and interviewing the team to create something that speaks for the past, present and future.

Welcome to the new We Are Ghost. Look out for our next blog post, but for now… enjoy!

We Are Ghost & we believe.