Raleigh & Diamondback

Myers & Lumis Sales Campaign

We Are Ghost ‘s studio is filled with avid cyclists, so we were particularly excited to work with Raleigh & Diamondback to bring their sales campaign to life. The client wanted to rejuvenate and invigorate their sales by focusing their advertising energy on two of their flagship bikes; The Meyers & The Lumis.

They approached us looking for a full service campaign including a microsite with e-commerce potential, as well as social, digital and traditional print media advertising. Inspired by the colour scheme of the bikes and the lifestyle that revolves around cycling, we put together bold and gritty campaign visuals and a strong, sharable tagline.

At the centre of the Meyers/Lumis campaign, we created a bespoke, microsite with e-commerce attachments which allowed us to showcase our bold visuals and photography, create punchy new product descriptions, as well as accurately measure and monitor the performance of the sales campaign.

Key to the success of the campaign was our attention to social media advertising and SEO, which allowed us to test, review and target our campaign effectively. In the more traditional forms of advertising, we worked closely with the client to create a comprehensive media plan and schedule to ensure we were always hitting the right mark.

We even undertook organising the logistics of procuring product reviews from some of the UK’s top Biking media outlets to further promote our clients flagship bikes.